Bellingham, WA just became a star on the great ISP map

There is a new Internet service in town. You won’t find it in Seattle, but hot damn! I can find it in my town of Bellingham! Yes, Clearwire Internet is now being offered in my hometown and I have to say that I am seriously considering contacting them to see if they would like a review.

The technology sounds intriguing as they are basically breaking both price barriers along with cutting wires to those who still cannot get access DSL and refuse to pay the high price of cable Internet. So how does this form of wireless Internet actually work? Well, according to their Website:

“Clearwire uses a state-of-the-art wireless modem that can be plugged into a desktop computer, laptop, or local network. It works by transmitting signals to and from nearby cellular towers instead of using a traditional phone line. That means you have the flexibility to set up the modem anywhere in your home or office � upstairs or downstairs, inside or outside. Plus, your Clearwire connection is always on and always secure.”

Wow, this is actually pretty cool. I think this will be especially helpful to those smaller towns that don’t already have a real wireless saturation. One question that I have is ‘how does this differ from broadband being offered through cellular networks already’? From what I am seeing so far, I can use this to access the Internet from my notebook and from my desktop. I mean, they give you a modem that you can take with you. Heck, you can create your own wireless access point of sorts, just so long as you abide by the TOS. Speaking for myself, I must admit whole heartedly that my curiosity has been well salted. Even though I am still doubtful this would be an option that will replace my current ISP, I am willing to bet that it might make a dandy addition to my ever-growing ISP arsenal. What are your thoughts?