Coffee? Did Somebody Say Coffee?!

Remember when I used to drink a pot of coffee a day? Oh, that certainly kept me going into the wee hours of the morning. I dropped the daily habit over a year ago, only later to be sucked in by the flavor of a peppermint mocha. Ugh! At least I’m not addicted to six-pump vanilla lattes (with whipped cream) like some people I love; the exhorbitant cost of specialized cafeinated drinks is ultimately what drives me away from ’em. I always drank for the flavor, not the rush. Hundreds of comments have poured in over my mention of quitting coffee the other day. I can’t claim to be totally off the juice, but it’s no longer in my regular routine. I make exceptions when I’m in a neighborhood that has a Peet’s store (there are a couple of ’em in Seattle, and a lot of ’em in SF). Even after all this time, I cannot find a better brew. It has to be from one of their stores, though.

We drink for comfort, I believe – without thinking. That’s what I miss the most about coffee. What I don’t miss are the breathing problems and aggitative states. A little coffee can’t be bad for you, but I developed without the “moderation” gene. This is also what keeps me from opening a snack bag (knowing that I’ll consume the entire thing in no time flat). The temptation of downing a cup of coffee every hour is too great; you can find a fresh pot anywhere. Thankfully, most brews are skunky and not palatable (at least, by my tongue’s standards). I don’t think I’ll ever completely quit coffee, but I can promise that my consumption levels will be dramatically lower than they once were. Ya know, unless they install a Peet’s store down the block.