I Am Bored

You may try to avoid it, but it’s an inevitability – you’re going to get bored from time to time. I know you’ve tried occupying yourself with a bunch of things at once in order to prevent boredom, but it’s time for you to face the music. What do you do when you’re bored? If you’re like most people, then you probably complain. Or, you could just search for “i am bored” on Google in a last act of desperation. If you do, you’ll be led to the aptly titled Web site, I Am Bored. How appropriate.

The people behind this site call boredom their friend because it directly produces hits for their content. You’ll basically find a bunch of different links to random movies, games, and any other content that can waste even more of your time in a somewhat amusing way. The quality and type of content found here can be all over the board, so be prepared for that. Some of the stuff is so ridiculous that your head may actually explode due to your brain trying to gasp for air.