Tired But Happy Wanderer

YUP, it’s me, Connie Devine here. I have an adventure to relate and an update on what is to come in this space.

First off, I sold my home in Northern California around the 1st of July. There was, of course, a problem with the title company wiring the money when they were supposed to. Being the suspicious soul that I am, I worried that they would try to hold that money over the holiday weekend and collect the interest. Gee, they wouldn’t do that… yeah, right!

The movers had moved the furniture out on Thursday and we were supposed to head to Salt Lake City that day to a location where we could ship one of our cars. Well, no money on Thursday and a promise for Friday. I do not get angry very often, but when people just don’t do their job I get a tad irritated. Well, needless to say I spoke to my realtor, the manager of her office, my title company, and the title company of the buyer. The buyer’s was a different title company due to the fact that he was getting his money to buy my house from the sale of his house.

Our next door neighbor gave us an air mattress and pillows to spend the night on Thursday. Of course Bennie and Frankie, the two Bichon Frises, were also with us.

To make a very long and painful story short, the realtor met me at the bank with a check at 5 pm Friday. We deposited the money and headed out. We set up a new destination for shipping the car and across this wonderful country we came.

So, you are wondering where I am. Before July was over I had bought a home in Murphy, North Carolina. Across the street is considered Brasstown, NC. We have friends here and they put us up until we could get into our new home.

The next hurdle I am working on is Internet Service, FAST Internet Service. Where this home is located there is no cable and Verizon does not have DSL out here. So I went to a video place and met “Nick,” a Greek gentleman that arrived here from Boston 21 years ago. I asked him about DirecWay satellite internet and he suggested a company called “Wild Blue.” It will be available in September and I am number four on the install list.

Nick put in my DirecTV yesterday and we wait on dial-up until we receive “Wild Blue.”

Once that is installed I will write about the experience and how it works. I will report the good and the bad, so those of you out in the wilderness that need satellite, you will find out what “Wild Blue” is all about and whether or not it has its act together.

I will write a few articles between now and then and send them via dial up, so watch this space, cause I’m Baaaaack.