Tweaking the performance of Virtual PC 2004

Getting the best hardware performance possible does not have to be an impossible dream. Thanks to some of the tips in this article, you too can get the kind of horsepower that you would hope to see from this sort of setup.

Most people who use Virtual PC are running it on a uni-processor computer – and are trying to run other programs at the same time; however, Virtual PC can be very demanding on CPU resources at times. To help people deal with this – we have provided the following performance options under Virtual PC:

1. Run Virtual PC at maximum speed

Selecting this option will result in Virtual PC always getting the CPU time that it needs – and this is the option that provides the best performance inside of Virtual PC. The problem with this option is that if the virtual machine attempts to use 100% of its CPU it can bring other applications running on the host computer to their knees. It should be noted that a virtual machine does not have to be ‘busy’ in order to use 100% CPU. Some operating systems / applications (like DOS) do not implement an idle loop – which means that they will always use 100% CPU. [Read the rest]