Installing Heatsink RAM in iMac G5 Can Be A Pain

Boy, am I glad that’s over. What a freaking ordeal. You see, a few days ago I continued my Mac switch (which, up to that point, included a Mac mini and 12” PowerBook G4) with the purchase of a 20” 2.0 GHz iMac G5. The thing costs about $2,000 after taxes are said and done, and maxing out the RAM would have cost an extra $400. Of course, I have upgraded RAM in many a computer – heck, I have built plenty of computers from scratch. Looking on Newegg, I saw a great deal for 2 sticks of 1 GB OCZ Platinum PC3200 RAM. With that purchase, I saved about $200 doing it myself instead of having Apple do it. The RAM arrived today, and the war between me and my iMac began.

So, following the instructions given on Apple’s website, I unscrewed the three holders that are located at the bottom of the screen bezel. The back plate of the iMac lifted off very easily, and the RAM modules were in plain sight. Mind you, I actually put in an extra 256 MB of RAM into this thing the other day, because I wanted a bit of a boost since I run Virtual PC on the iMac as well. Basically, I know what I am doing… [Continue Reading at Gear Live]