Score One For The Good Guys

Many of you will be familiar with the show ‘Call for Help’ on what used to be TechTV (and ZDTV before that). Then G4 game network got hold of the property and things technological went downhill fast. Staff got fired and shows were falling faster than the leaves will in a few weeks.

But, things are about to change. Our beloved Call for Help show will return. Some say that without our own Chris Pirillo at the helm, it won’t be worth watcing, but with the equally talented Leo LaPorte in charge, it will certainly be all that it was, though at a less-caffeinated pace 🙂

Do you have the feeling that you’re missing something? Have you booted up your computer lately and been confused, confounded, or baffled? Are you looking for the latest and greatest tech gear but have no idea what’s worth your hard-earned dollars? Maybe you need to call for help!

Call For Help is a daily hour designed to help people gain control of technology. It covers computing and the wide array of new personal technology devices like mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, home theatre, DV camcorders, and on and on. If it’s got a chip in it, Call For Help will cover it.

Tune in Monday through Friday at 11am ET/8am PT and watch Leo Laporte, Andy Walker, and Amber MacArthur answer all of your technology questions.

The only place to catch Call For Help in the U.S. is on G4!