Backing Up Firefox

You back up just about every other type of file on your computer, why not back up your Firefox extensions, bookmarks, and history? You probably spend more time in your browser than you do in any other part of your computer, so loosing that data is just as dangerous as loosing any other files on your computer. You always want to be prepared for the worst, and thanks to BackupFox, now you can be.

BackupFox creates a backup of your Firefox profile. It dives deep into Firefox itself and pulls out your bookmarks, extensions and history and then saves them all in one tiny .zip file that is ready to be moved to another hard drive or burned onto a CD. This tool could also be helpful if you are wanting to run a experimental version of Firefox, but don’t want to loose any of the settings you had on your old install. If something goes wrong, you can uninstall that version of Firefox, reinstall the old version then load up your backup and you are back to normal.

If you are a Thunderbird user, it also backs that information up as well. This is good news, because sometimes backing up Thunderbird can be a little more confusing task than backing up Firefox. BackupFox is only for Windows for now as well. So read up about it, and then give it a shot. Your Firefox will thank you.