Fingerprint Biometric Lock

I have been obsessed with locking technology ever since I lost my keys (locksmiths are EXPENSIVE and often shady figures) and I also wanted a safer way of letting in cleaning people and guests than just handing out key #14, etc. So I installed a keypad on my door that I love. (read my review here.)

Then last month our office was robbed and we lost a laptop – the thief snuck in and grabbed one, so we are switching to a similar but more robust keypad locking solution this week. But today, I also found out that you can skip the codes and just use your fingerprint with this new biometric lock – aimed at bachelors, although I think they are cool too! Only catch: biometric prints costs $$$ and itís for sale in the U.K. Still want one though..sigh.

More on the Fingerprint Lock here