Making money from FLOSS

Just a quick look into FLOSS and its benefits. But unlike the kind you might clean your teeth and gums with, this FLOSS can make you money…

Many people are already convinced that the Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) development model is superior to proprietary methods. Others see strong ethical and philosophical reasons to prefer it. But what’s less clear is how to make money from it — not to Bill Gates scope but by building a strong company or making a decent living. How can you make any money when you give away your work for free?

The evidence is hard to argue with. FLOSS has been around for decades, and in an industry where a company can go from zero to billions in a few years (and many do), not a single company has even nearly achieved that by making money from FLOSS. (Many have used FLOSS and made money elsewhere, from advertising for example, but that’s not what we’re talking about.)

So we have a challenge. Success stories are few and far between.

But all is not lost. None of us are likely to achieve the success Microsoft or Intel has had the last decade (and we might not wish to). Yet it is possible to make a good living from FLOSS and for pure FLOSS companies to flourish. [Read the rest]