New Pencil-thin iPod

Apple is really taking advantage of the spotlight that the news media is currently giving them. New iPod’s are constantly being released, each with its own unique feature(s). Apple told news media today (Wed., Sept. 7, 2005) about a newly released iPod, called the nano. The primary reason for the name is the fact that itís thinner than a pencil. Yes folks; the new iPod nano is thinner than a regular, plain, old, yellow pencil.

Apple’s press release about the iPod nano said that it contains a colour screen, as well the ability to store 1000 to 2000 songs (depending on the model that you choose). Of course, it also features the iPod’s famous click wheel. Due to the fact that the nano will have the exact same 30 pin connector as other iPods, it will be fully compatible with current iPod accessories (such as desktop speakers, chargers, etc). A few goodies featured with the iPod nano includes the ability to view photo slideshows, features a 14 hour battery life, as well as a stopwatch and world clock.

The available versions of the iPod nano are 2 or 4 GB’s, in either black or white. Both are fully compatible with Mac or Windows The two versions are available immediately for a an M.S.R.P of $249 USD (4 GB version), or $199 USD (2 GB version). All iPod nano’s include the traditional iPod earbuds, a USB cable as well as a CD with iTunes and computer hardware drivers.

It’s getting impossible to keep up with Apple!

You can read the full press release here

For the official website for the new iPod, go here.