iPod nano Not Small Enough to Dissect!

Wow, it’s not even more then a couple of days since Apple’s super cool and super thin iPod was announced that we now have pictures of what makes it run!

Man, you’ve got to love the inquring mind of some people that they’ll go to the point of possibly destorying a very cool and very expensive toy! But their loss will still be our gain as we get to see what makes the nano tick!

This site, translated by Google, shows an industrious Japanese music lover pulling appart is nano freshly purchased from Japan’s Ginza Apple Store. He even has pictures of the exterior as well as the interior of the store in case you want to drop on in. After the purchase, we all get to experience the grand opening of the iPod nano as many other faithful iPod users in the past have shared with us.

What he shows a bit down the page is what made me gasp the most. While Apple’s side-by-side shot of the nano next to a pencil kinda gives you an idea of the nano’s small size, this picture sums it all up for ya. Right next to the iPod shuffle, you can immediately tell just truly how small the nano is. “Wow,” is what will escape from your mouth! And the nano is thinner. I tell you, at 6 GB and no moving parts, maybe the shuffle really doesn’t have a chance anymore at bringing in big sales. But then again, at around $100 for the shuffle, it’s a great “starter” player, too.

Anyway, thought I’d share the innards of the latest and coolest music player available until that iPod video comes out to ya.