Use The Windows NT IPConfig Utility

Normally if you want to view the TCP/IP configuration for your Windows XP computer, you use the ipconfig at the command prompt. The results are then displayed for you in the command prompt window. However, you can view the same configuration information in a GUI instead. To do so, download the wntipcfg utility from here.

Once you download and install the utility, copy the wntipcfg.exe (this should be located in Program Files\Resource Kit directory) and paste it into the Windows directory. Rename the executable you just pasted into the Windows directory to winipcfg.exe. You can now launch the GUI from the run command by typing winipcfg. The dialog box that appears will give you the same details as the ipconfig command that is issued from the command prompt. You also have buttons available on the dialog box for releasing and renewing your IP address.