What are RAR files and how do I unpack them?

Dear Dave, I have a PSP And I love it, but there is a problem: I am confused on what are rar.files or documents? I’ve looked for downloads for my PSP and they are all on rar.files and I have no idea what to do with them once I download them. Please help!

There are many, many different packaging and compression programs available nowadays, from the classic Windows ZIP format to the Mac “StuffIt” .SIT format to Linux .tar and .tgz formats. Figuring out which is which, however, isn’t quite so easy and if your computer doesn’t just magically unpack them when you double-click on the icon, trying to identify the right program to use can be darn tricky!

RAR stands for the friendly name “Resource Adapter Archive” (think “aRchive”) and it’s most commonly used in the p2p world, in my experience. One big benefit of the RAR format that makes it so popular for large file sharing is that it lets you…