Announcing the Prodigem BitTorrent Web API

This new Prodigem API look pretty darn cool if you ask me. Then again, I think that Prodigem has done a fair bit to push Bittorrent forward anyway.

I’m pleased to announce our new API which will allow any web-capable application on the internet the ability to use Prodigem’s creation, hosting and management of torrents through a nice standards based interface. The docs are located at this link (the wiki includes links to a live demo page). All you need is a Prodigem account and as it so happens, for a limited time we’ve opened up our free Preview Account so that they come with full upload and torrent creation capabilities. That last part is a first for us as well, so get ’em while they’re hot (and free).

And as it so happens, we’ve also nicely integrated the phpBB forum and messaging system into Prodigem so there’s now a nice shiny place to discuss new things like the API or just generally mingle. [Read the rest]