Disaster Planning – "Wireless First Responder Solution"

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Based on the WiMax 802.16-2004 standard, there are vendor solutions at 4.9 GHz which enable new functionality for public safety and other “first responders.”

  • Nomadic Vehicular Access: subscriber terminals (Personal Computers and PDAs) with vehicle roof-mounted antennas allow stationery vehicles wireless user access bandwidth speeds up to 20 MBPS-Mega Bits Per Second.
  • Backhaul for “smart mesh” Wireless networks: the pending WiMax standard provides dynamic backhaul for the wireline (cabled) AP [Access Points] (transmitter/receiver) to automatically create low-cost Wi-Fi “Hot Zones/spots” for public access.
  • Video Surveillance: either Wi-Fi or WiMax wireless IP camera or other alarm/device connections.
  • Fixed Location Connectivity: smart networks dynamically and automatically adjust to changing bandwidth needs such as emergency command and control centers.

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