Kai-Fu Lee Can Work at Google, Says Judge

In the continuing saga of Microsoft suing Google for their poaching Dr. Kai-Fu Lee to come work for Google, and Kau-Fu Lee being stopped from starting his job at Google by the Court, today the Court issued an order ruling that Dr. Lee can start his job at Google, with some restrictions, pending the outcome of the trial.

Washington Judge Steven Gonzalez wrote that “Microsoft has not sufficiently shown that it has a clear legal or equitable right to enjoin Dr. Lee, pending trial, from establishing and staffing a Google development facility in China,” adding that, at least for now, Kai-Fu Lee may not work on anything which requires using the confidential knowledge he gained or developed while working at Microsoft, particularly as relates to search, speech recognition, and natural language processing.

Following the ruling, Microsoft issued a statement saying that “We are pleased…

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