Micron releases high-res CMOS image sensors for cellphones

Looks like the camera phones are here to stay. And with that in mind, manufacturers are continuing the quest to make camera phone images as high quality as possible.

Boise (ID) – Chip manufacturer Micron today announced two new CMOS-based image sensors that promise to increase the quality of images taken with camera phones and entry-level digital still cameras (DSCs). For the first time, camera phone pictures could reach a quality level that justifies spending money for an actual print of such snapshots.

If we believe the research from the analyst crowd, then more than 190 million Americans own a cellphone – with most of us currently owning or soon be using a device that integrates a camera. Despite all that market penetration and marketing hype, these cameras are of little use for a world outside of multimedia messaging. Even the new megapixel generation will not deliver the quality in pictures we would expect to be sufficient for a decent 4×6 or 5×7 print. [Read the rest]