What is Brewtopia?

Most people that have had too much to drink might not be in a position to enjoy this next piece. But if you can hold your drinking down to a minimum and like to see beer going Open Source, then you are going to love this!

What is Brewtopia?
It’s an Open Source beer company. We’re about making sexy premium beer. You decide what we do and how we do it. No crap, no fancy tripe about ‘imported hops’, ‘first crop barley’ or sweaty blokes hard at it in the coal mines. It’s beer. You get drunk, fall over, pass out and then mozy on out of town. Have a look

What’s the caper?
You can buy our classic Blowfly beer or customise your own brand or label! Everytime you do you get a reward point that goes towards your account fore future redemption of some great stuff. No other brewery has ever attempted this. (And yes, no other brewery is run by lunatics of our calibre either…we even show you the profit we make!)

Now Why Would We Do This?
1) We’re sick of the big breweries pulling the wool over your eyes & making you drink substandard swill! BEER is only 4 ingredients and easier to make than bread, but they don’t want you to know this! Crown, VB, Stella, Heineken – essentially the same recipe for 75% of the process! (we’ll even give you our recipe!!) [Read the rest]