Laser Hair Removal

Sick of shaving and other traditional hair removal methods like waxing and electrolysis? It’s time to get high-tech, baby! Selective photothermolysis (the fancy name for laser hair removal) is the hot ticket for folks that want to be smooth and sleek. If you have unwanted hair (or know someone that does), read on …

Laser hair removal equipment permanently removes hair from the face, chest, legs, back, and other parts of the body by destroying hair follicle roots. The laser beam focuses its heat on dark hair follicles, while cooling methods (active cooling, sprays, or gels) are used to protect the skin. The process works best with folks who have darker hair and lighter skin.

While there is some discomfort involved with laser hair removal, it should not be excessive. If you can deal with sunburn pain, you should be able to handle the process. Laser hair removal typically involves a series of three treatments or more. The time spent in laser hair removal sessions is a tiny fraction of the time spent in traditional electrolysis.

Costs will vary depending on a number of factors. Laser hair removal may be billed in one of three methods: time, set fee, and per pulse fee. Time billing can be charged by fifteen minute (or other) increments. A set fee charges per body part. And with the per pulse fee, the taxi meter clicks with each pull of the trigger.

Lasers … they’re everywhere : from pointers on the podium, printers on the desktop, and platesetters at the print shop, to Lasix eye surgery suites and now … hair removal clinics.

What a wonderful world …