Journal of Applied Communication Research

The Journal of Applied Communication Research publishes original scholarship that addresses or challenges the relationship between theory and practice in understanding communication in applied contexts. All theoretical and methodological approaches are welcome, as are all contextual areas. Original research studies should apply existing theory and research to practical situations, problems, and practices; should illuminate how embodied activities inform and reform existing theory; or should contribute to theory development. Research articles should offer critical summaries of theory and/or research and demonstrate ways in which the critiques can be used to explain, improve, or understand communication practices or processes in a specific context. Commentaries on applied communication issues may also be submitted. Although manuscripts from any perspective and addressing any communicative situation are invited, particularly welcome are studies of how communication defines, regulates, alters, and sheds light on contemporary social issues. All manuscripts must include a separate section detailing the intended or potential practical applications of findings, critique, or commentary. The editor is also interested in receiving conceptual articles that propose applied research agendas developed from critical analyses of relevant literature. In this type of manuscript, authors should develop and present a coherent framework of propositions that can be empirically tested to advance our understanding of applied communication practice. Such articles must be comprehensive and original in analysis, grounded in extant theory and literature, and innovative propositions and structure. This has been added to Research Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.