San Fermin Desktop Theme For Windows XP

We are delighted to announce the release of the San Fermin desktop theme for Windows XP. Brace yourselves for a large array of surprises, including festive screensavers, humorous desktop backgrounds, amusing icons, comical mouse cursors, and even sassy sounds that will keep you laughing for ages! Windows users have never experienced the likes of this theme before!

Today, this exciting new theme has been made available to Windows XP users through hard work on the part of the Spanish subsidiary at Microsoft, as well as close collaboration with the local companies and auskalo. Designed specifically for Windows users in Spanish speaking communities, the San Fermin theme is entirely dedicated to the Spanish culture. Now, users can experience the time-honored traditions of the San Fermin fiesta and take part in exciting festivities, such as the famous bull runs, all with the simple click of a mouse!

From Pamploneses, Viva San Fermin, and Gora San Fermin: We hope that you enjoy this exciting new Windows theme!

Notice: This application is free and is distributed “as is,” with no obligations or technical support from Microsoft Corporation.”

[Get the English or Spanish San Fermín desktop theme for Windows XP FREE here]