Sex, Lies And Video Phones

Home sex videos, taken on cell phones (c’mon, guys!), were being sold by a Greek cell phone repairman, without his customers’ knowledge. In other words, customers would bring in their cell phones for repair, the repairman would find these home sex videos on the cell phones, and then download them to his own computer, and sell them to others, transferring them to the buyer’s cell phone.

And we’re not just talking a few randy customers. How many are we talking? Well, police busted the Athens, Greece, repairman after he sold them 180 different home sex videos, all taken by his customers, with their cell phones.

What’s up with the good people of Athens and their cell phones? Are they lustier? More adventurous? Can’t get a proper camcorder for the deed?

Note, of course, that it wasn’t enough for the police to…

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