Google Offers Secure WiFi VPN

What’s next Google, fast food? Man, now that Google is offering VPN services, it seems that no IT related business is safe from their gargantuan bank roll!

For years and years we’ve been wondering why the market for WiFi VPNs was so small. By now, most people should know that WiFi isn’t the most secure connection, but that a VPN can encrypt and protect most of your data. In fact, for a while, it seemed like the only player in the space was HotSpotVPN — who offered a service for $9/month. I use it (and am using it right now, in fact), but it’s always seemed like a space that could use some more entrants. A few months ago, JiWire got into the act as well, but it still seemed pretty small time. Now, apparently, that market is going to be shaken up. [Read the rest]