Web Services Made Easy with Ruby

This article gives you a great run down on using Ruby when looking into the development of Web services. Great read, but you may want to kill the volume as there seems to be two audio feeds that start up automatically for some reason as the page loads.

It’s easy to develop Web services using Ruby. This article looks at how to develop a Web service client to access the Web services that are hosted in the Internet and how to develop a Web service with simple steps using Ruby.

An Overview
Ruby is the interpreted scripting language invented by Yukihiro Matsumoto for quick and easy object-oriented programming and is more popular in Japan than in other countries. Ruby’s open-source nature makes it free for anyone to use. All data structures in Ruby are objects, but you can add methods to a class or instance of a class during runtime. Because of this, any instance class can behave differently from other instances of the same class. Ruby’s dynamic typing nature doesn’t require explicit declaration of variable types. It features a true mark-and-sweep garbage collector that cleans all Ruby objects without needing to maintain a reference count. (See www.ruby-lang.org for the complete features of Ruby.) The following libraries are developed with Ruby: [Read the rest]