Web design and administration with WordPress

If you are one of those people who would love to tryout WordPress as a CMS, but just can’t seem to find the courage to take the plunge, I believe that the following article might be a great point to use has a home base. Granted, this is more a review than a how-to. However, it might at least help you to decide whether or not WordPress will meet your needs before jumping in feet first.

Recently, a colleague and I decided to create a Web site that would serve as an online community and resource for young musicians. Though I had some Web design experience, neither of us had the experience or knowledge to create all of the features that we wanted in our site. Luckily, we were able to turn to WordPress. With its tools we could combine static pages with dynamically updated pages, categorize site content, automate formatting of site data, manage site membership accounts, incorporate RSS feeds and podcasts, and allow for community discussion of the site’s content. Best of all, we could accomplish all of this with relatively little setup effort, and once the site was up and running, we could focus almost exclusively on content and let WordPress do the rest.

As NewsForge’s review earlier this year demonstrates, WordPress is easy to set up, customize, and use, making an attractive and functional blog well within the grasp of any knowledgeable user. WordPress also boasts an extensive library of plugins, which greatly extend its functionality. In this article, I will demonstrate how we extended WordPress’s blog functionality, and with a few PHP tweaks of our own, quickly built a site that is feature-rich and simple to maintain. [Read the rest]