Acer to deliver 24-inch wide screen LCD monitors in October

I would not mind looking into one of these monitors myself. As someone who owns an Acer LCD right now, I could not be happier. Still, I think that this new line of screens will be a little out of my price range to be completely honest. Oh well.

Acer is set to begin launching its 24-inch wide screen LCD monitor (AL2416W) with a 6ms response time to the global market early in the fourth quarter, according to the company.

The new model will first be available in the Taiwan market next month and then in Europe sometime later in the fourth quarter, according to Acer. The company has already prepared the product for worldwide release, but regional operations will introduce the product based on their own schedules, Acer explained.

Set to be priced at NT$ 28,800 (US$871) in Taiwan, the new 6ms response time 24-inch widescreen model features a native resolution of 19201200, and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. [Read the rest]