Mozilla 1.7.12 Released

Mozilla has released version 1.7.12 on the heels of Firefox 1.07. Both of these new versions address several security issues – you should download and install the new version as soon as possible.

What’s New in Mozilla 1.7.12

  • Fix for a potential buffer overflow vulnerability when loading a hostname with all soft-hyphens

  • Fix to prevent URLs passed from external programs from being parsed by the shell (Linux only)
  • Fix to prevent a crash when loading a Proxy Auto-Config (PAC) script that uses an “eval” statement
  • Fix to restore InstallTrigger.getVersion() for Extension authors
  • Fix a crash in mail when stopping a search and then searching again
  • Other stability and security fixes

Mozilla Multiple Vulnerabilities
Secunia Advisory: SA16917

Firefox Multiple Vulnerabilities
Secunia Advisory: SA16911