Windows Vista to Boot in Under 4 Seconds

I have to say I wasn’t a fan when the first alpha release of Vista came out. People rightly ho-hummed about the UI and the fact that it looked pretty much like XP. We wanted an OS that would take things to the next level, something that would have the same dramatic leap that Windows 95 had over Windows 3.1 or what Windows XP did over the sad Win 98 and ghastly ME. But guess what? If you haven’t been keeping up with Vista’s development, I have to tell you you are in for a very visual treat. (More on that later.)

Today there’s word that Vista will boot very quickly – something I personally cannot wait for. Windows XP takes over 20 minutes for me by the time ever little spy sweeping, instant messaging app loads and sets up for the day’s work. It’s a living nightmare to restart and sometimes even standby mode takes forever to get kicking. For ultimate stability, try “hibernate” mode. (FN+ F12 on most laptops.)

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