Updated Mac minis arriving, details revealed

Looks like some updated Mac Minis are well on their way! OK, perhaps this is not getting you too excited initially. Still, once you read the article below I think you’ll understand why this is truly newsworthy…

One week after Think Secret first brought word of pending Mac mini revision, the new models have started arriving.

One source reported receiving a 1.5GHz Mac mini Tuesday, although the box still featured the old 1.42GHz label.

The new Mac mini is designated PowerMac10,2 following the previous model’s PowerMac10,1 designation. It also features an updated Boot ROOM version, 4.9.4f0 from 4.8.9f4.

The SuperDrive equipped Mac mini features a new 8x dual-layer SuperDrive from Matshita (Panasonic). The drive is specified as model UJ-845, although Matshita only offers a UJ-845-B drive. According to the company’s product page, the UJ-845-B supports 5x DVD-RAM burning along with 8x DVD+/-R support, 4x DVD+/-RW support, and 24x CD-R Support. DVD-RAM support is not enabled on the Apple drive, however. [Read the rest]