Wireless Mesh Peer-To-Peer Networks – Mesh Or Mess

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As wireless networks evolve more ad-hoc or mesh peer-to-peer (or user-to-user) networks will emerge. Rather than central access devices or server systems, users will access other users’ devices. Frequency hopping also known as multi-hopping provides traffic load-balancing, security and improved management. In addition, these connections can be used for data backhaul-backup as well as turning wireless “hotspots” into “hot routes” used in light rail, bus, military or fleet operations. Various RF [Radio Frequency] technologies such as 802.11a, b and g, Ultra Wideband, WCDMA [Wideband Code Division Multiple Access], OFDM [Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing] and others can interoperate. That is, all nodes (users) in a mesh network solution recognize and communicate with each other directly or indirectly via frequency hopping. Wireless access control and QoS [Quality of Service] systems give additional capability for special emergency applications such as “map-track-extract” situations. That is, provide First Responders with wireless “mesh-enabled” access to other personnel. Self-powered “breadcrumb routers” can be dispersed the emergency area quickly and easily. This concept can also be applied to construction sites, political campaigns, sporting events, conventions and other temporary uses.

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