My Right Click Died In Firefox!

Don’t you hate it when some Web site disables the right-click option on a Web site through java script? So do I. Now I know some folks do this to try to keep people from copying things or saving things from the Web site in question. There are other ways around saving things that are there, though. Now I am not going to teach you how to steal. I am going to teach you how to get around this annoying little problem.

The first thing you have to do is open up Firefox, then go to Tools and choose to go into “Options.” Once you are inside of there, you need to click on “Web Features.” This should be on the left side of your options box. Once you are inside there, then we get to see the magic happen. Now I want you to click the “Advanced” button next to the “Enable JavaScript” check mark box. Here you will see a new pop up box that gives you a few more options to play with. Yes, you can tell your browser how to handle certain java script commands.

I want you to uncheck the box next to “Disable or Replace Context Menus,” then hit the OK button. You might need to restart Firefox for the new options to go into effect, but once they do you will no longer have disabled right clicking via those annoying Web sites that enabled such a feature. There are a few more options under the “Advanced” button you might want to turn on and off as well. Play around with it, and see how you can make your browsing experience that much better.