Let's Play Spy And Seek

It’s an ongoing battle between IT and the malware low-lifes. Fortunately, we have tools like HijackThis! to help us discover the nasties on a user’s PC. However, it can be a daunting task trying to identify which entries are malware and which are benign. There’s help on the way thanks to a new site built by Brett Golden, spyandseek.com.

Spy and Seek allows anyone to post a HijackThis! log for evaluation. When you click the Analyze button, the site presents you with a list of entries marked Bad, Good, or Unknown. You can also do a search for specific programs. There are 7,290 Entries classified as BAD in the Spy and Seek database at this writing, but the list is growing thanks to registered “expert guru computer wizards” who have signed up to help identify this stuff. It’s a community effort and will become more and more useful as more of us begin to use it.

“The main reason I wanted to create another analyzer site is to bring spyware tracking and identification out into the open. Basically spyandseek.com allows the community to decide what is and what is not spyware. The site does not rely on a secret or select group of individuals. A few people I have talked to say that might be a problem but when I look at the success of Wiki style documentation I feel that if the user [base] is large enough the problem will take care of itself,” Brett said.

I’m using it, and I’m also one of the “expert guru computer wizards” evaluating the database items. Give it a look and let me – and Brett – know what you think.

Ken is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer with Connective Computing, Inc. providing network, desktop and info security support services to a wide range of clients.