Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are everywhere… whether it’s the local pizzeria that hands you a card with each pie (buy ten, get one free!), a national sporting goods retailer that accrues bonus points in your account with every purchase, or a supermarket that prints custom coupons based on what’s sitting in your shopping cart. Take a look at your keychain. How many barcoded loyalty program fobs do you see?

I freely admit to having resisted the local supermarket’s loyalty program for years-on-end.

In short, I wasn’t keen on the intrusion into my personal tastes.

(Why should I let them know I like Quisp over Quake, for Pete’s sake?)

But I finally gave up and got with the program… after becoming fed up with not getting the published prices on the bargains of the week. By surrendering a bit of personal information to the supermarket’s loyalty program, I was able to cash in on those coupons.

Loyalty programs are found at the core of many frequency marketing efforts. By recognizing and rewarding faithful customers, the relationship between the customer and company is enhanced, as is the bottom line…

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