Music Jamming At A Distance Becomes Reality

What I thought was just a silly-fantasy of a passionate amateur musician like me, has surpassed my wildest expectation and has now turned into an actual product.

After the recent debut of Ninjam, which premiered the immense opportunities available to those who, like me, dreamed of hooking up with far away music partners to jam together online, I wasn’t yet ready to see the immediate launch of a new cross-platform software that really defines the opening of a virtual music jamming marketplace. Click on this video clip here below and see why I am so thrilled about it:

What a fascinating new collaboration and exchange venue this is, both for those who will use it as well as for those who will design and develop the many new tools and services that will grow around this just emerging new marketplace.

A perfect match for MyVirtualBand, this new cross-platform software, which remains for now under Beta testing, allows you to plug any MIDI-enabled instrument into your computer, start-up the virtual jamming software and immediately connect to your preferred music partners online, no matter where they are located.

Thanks to the patented technology utilized, everyone can hear what is being played at each location in perfect-sync. Though this is not real-time as it would be on a normal phone call, we are now getting very, very close to it.

This new amazing software is called eJamming. It runs on Macs and PCs and here is how it does what I would have thought as impossible until not long ago:

Special algorithms inside the eJamming software delay the playback of your instrument or voice until you effectively receive data from your music partners.

According to the company that delay may vary from 15ms (milliseconds) within a city, to 25-40ms within a 1500 mile jam and to 40-50ms across countries. In tests conducted by eJamming, virtual jammers have been able to connect and play between NYC and London with a delay of only 49ms.

“Panels of musicians testing eJamming, including the most proficient and skeptical we could find, have accommodated very quickly to these local delays (surprisingly quickly), and many musicians have found they can accommodate to the 50-60mS inherent in eJamming from the East Coast of the US to Europe. You just have to feel it for yourself.”

Read more about how you too can start jamming with your music friends online and watch this great video clip that shows you the kind of scenario that this online collaboration technology is going to allow.