NetBeans open source tools getting refreshed

Sun’s NetBeans app looks like it is a truly dynamic way to for developers to create and customize apps of their own. While I have never tried it myself, I do like what I am reading thus far and would also include that there appears to be a number of improvements with the latest release.

The Sun Microsystems-led NetBeans developer community this week released a beta version of the NetBeans 5.0 open source IDE, with enhancements for client development based on Java.

The general release of Version 5.0 is due by the end of 2005. Sun positions NetBeans as a counterbalance to the rival Eclipse open source tools platform.

NetBeans 5.0 features the Matisse GUI builder, which offers visual, drag-and-drop capabilities for building desktop clients that can either work in a client-server or standalone mode, said Dan Roberts, director of marketing for developer tools at Sun.

Although rich Web client development has been getting all the buzz lately, development of more traditional desktop clients remains prominent, Roberts said. “Actually, it’s a surprisingly large amount,” with as many as 45 percent of developers still building these clients, Roberts said.

Matisse features automated alignment of components which, for example, can align components for addresses and phone numbers on a form. Java clients built with Matisse technology will run on any platform that supports J2EE. [Read the rest]