Societies Worse Off ‘When They Have God On Their Side’

While it’s doubtless there are more factors that contribute to social ills than the findings of this particular study, it’s interesting, nonetheless. Even if its premise may be motivated by the author’s politics (in academia, as any other field, isn’t that always the case?), this is the Political Geeks channel! Whether you consider this to be infuriating poppycock, the gospel truth, or something in between, it’s almost a sure bet that anything under the “research published today” banner is going to stir some sort of controversy. Ruth Gledhill, Religion Correspondent of The Times, writes:

Religious belief can cause damage to a society, contributing towards high murder rates, abortion, sexual promiscuity and suicide, according to research published today.

According to the study, belief in and worship of God are not only unnecessary for a healthy society but may actually contribute to social problems.

The study counters the view of believers that religion is necessary to provide the moral and ethical foundations of a healthy society.

It compares the social performance of relatively secular countries, such as Britain, with the US, where the majority believes in a creator rather than the theory of evolution. Many conservative evangelicals in the US consider Darwinism to be a social evil, believing that it inspires atheism and amorality.

Many liberal Christians and believers of other faiths hold that religious belief is socially beneficial, believing that it helps to lower rates of violent crime, murder, suicide, sexual promiscuity and abortion. The benefits of religious belief to a society have been described as its “spiritual capital.” But the study claims that the devotion of many in the US may actually contribute to its ills.

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