is the world’s largest text, clause, and field searchable online library of debt, equity, derivative, and M&A prospectuses.

Serving the global capital markets, clients using our service can find in seconds what would otherwise have taken days, if not weeks, to track down. Once they have identified a document (or clause) as relevant, our service automatically suggests documents (or clauses) of deals that look similar.

We provide documents in many formats including PDF, Microsoft Word (for copying and pasting) and HTML which has online Hit-to-Hit text navigation and Key Term discovery. Currently we offer more than 250,000 prospectuses and add about 1,500 new documents each week.

This hyperlink is a good resource for professionals who wish to find the prospectus of a security issue. This has been added to Financial Resources Subject Tracer Information Blog.

The thesaurus contains more than one thousand cross referenced capital market terms. If you leave the thesaurus on when you search for a term or expression, the search will automatically include all related terms or expressions from the thesaurus.

Here’s how the thesaurus works:

If you search on ‘poison pill’ your search will also include the terms ‘anti-take-over measures’ and ‘anti-take-over provisions.’

Company name changes and mergers
Now that MBNA has been bought by BofA, your search for ‘MBNA’ will include all deals by the Bank of America.

Foreign language terms
If you search on ‘Interest commencement date’ your search will also include the foreign term ‘verzinsungsbeginn.’

Misspellings does not correct spelling mistakes. All words are exactly as they appear in the original document including typos. However, these misspelled words will be placed in the thesaurus. So, if for example, you search on ‘knowledge’ (with the thesaurus on) you will also find all documents that contain the word ‘knowlege.’