Quick Firefox Shortcuts and Tips

Giving you the information you requested at the speed of light, here are a few Firefox shortcuts and tips that I use on a daily basis. Ever since I started doing these Firefox articles, a lot of folks have been asking for more Firefox tips I could share. Here are three of my favorites that should help you boost productivity or at least impress your friends.

Here is a tip to chance your font size within Firefox with your shift key and scroll wheel mouse. To increase your font size in Firefox, all you need to do is hold down your Ctrl key, and then scroll your mouse wheel up or down. Moving it up will increase the font size and moving it down will decrease the font size. Want to go back to normal? All you need to do is hold the Ctrl key and hit the 0 (zero) key.

Do you have multiple tabs open and you don’t want to worry about moving your hand back to the mouse? Then just hold the Ctrl key down and hit the numbers one through nine. Depending on the number you hit, you will go to that tab. If you have three tabs, then if you hit the number three then you will go to the third one. If you hit the number two then you’ll go to the second tab.

Want to go quickly move backwards or forward from the Web pages you have visited? Then just hold down the Shift key, and scroll up and down on your scroll wheel on your mouse. If you scroll up, then you move forward. If you scroll down, then you move back.

Have any other quick Firefox shortcuts or tips that you would like to share? Let me know!