I Learned It From You, Dad, I Learned From Watching You

Could the addiction to mobile technology start with the parents for kids today? Some seem to believe so and speaking for myself, I would have to agree.

A hard-hitting new study — with a sample size of 33 — has found that American kids are so dependent on their mobile phones these days that not having one for a day was “was tantamount to sacrificing an appendage.” It doesn’t seem too surprising that kids are tied to their phones, and we’ve seen these “I’ll die without my phone” stories before. Furthermore, is it really that surprising that kids are so attached to their phones when Mommy and Daddy can’t get in the car without calling somebody and can’t put down their BlackBerry? Saying people are addicted to technology is old hat. If things are so dire, why not teach people how to better deal with technology instead of just reveling in naming another addiction? [Get the links]