Airline Accuses Airport Of Foul Play Over Free Wi-Fi

American Airlines has accused Logan Airport in Boston of unfair practices in a dispute over wireless hotspot locations. The issue with Logan first came to light this summer, when it was reported that Logan Airport was demanding that Continental stop offering free Internet access to Continental’s own customers, in its own private customer lounge.

It also ordered Delta Airlines not to even think about it. Now it is going after American Airlines.

American Airlines, in turn, has filed a complaint with the FCC.

The bottom line is, of course, money. MassPort, which runs Logan, just installed an expensive wireless Internet system of its own, for which it is charging passengers $8.00 a day to access the Internet.

According to American Airlines attorney Alex Bramlett, Logan even went as far as trumping up specious “security concerns” as one of its excuses for demanding that American Airlines and Continental Airlines cease and desist from offering free wireless Internet access to its own passengers.

“Massport’s objective is clearly to force all Wi-Fi access onto the Massport system…

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