OverClocked ReMix

As most of you realize, music is an integral part of the video game experience. A good story and functional control design will only get you so far. To take things to the next level, a game needs a fitting soundtrack that truly enhances the gameplay. Just because a certain type of music works for one game in a genre doesn’t mean that it’ll work for another. We generally know what to expect from our games these day. Country music probably isn’t the best choice for a game like Halo, although the results would likely be hilarious. There have been a lot of classic video game songs and soundtracks that have stayed with us after all of these years, and since we’re living during the remix renaissance, it only makes sense that something like OverClocked ReMix should come to the fore.

This site features song remixes of games from yesteryear and today. There are plenty of talented remixers out there, and they have taken every imaginable game and created something completely unique with the music. All musical styles are fair game, and the resulting creations are usually somewhat recognizable but with a radically fresh twist.