Crazy Contact Lenses

Great Googlie Mooglie… Halloween is less than three weeks away! Want to be all the creature you can be this Halloween? It’s all in the eyes! With two blinks of an evil eye, theatrical contact lenses can turn you into a howling beast or a otherworldly alien. If you’ve never seen a custom special effect contact lens, get ready to be knocked out.

These wicked slivers of deception combine high-tech with awesome artistry to create a mind-numbing effect. Freaky contact lenses can be ordered online from a variety of sources…

Theatrical contact lenses are the ultimate accessory for a killer costume. You’ve seen them in the movies, no doubt. And you’ve probably wondered just how those characters got their look… well, wonder no more!

If you’re thinking about getting a set of custom contact lenses for Halloween, you best get started now, before the rush. You’ll need to set up an appointment with your eye care professional to make sure that you can wear soft contact lenses. After all, you’re sticking something in your eyes, for Pete’s sake.

Whether you want to look like a dragon, vampire, zombie, or reaper, you’ll find a wide selection of hand painted theatrical contact lenses at…

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