Outsourcing: Is It Dead Or Alive?

Connected, a quarterly newsletter, untangles the major obstacles that IT professionals face. It attempts to clear the piles of information to get to the heart of the world of technology, which changes too danged fast. Also, the newsletter comes with insights on how to better lead staff (and pointy-haired boss), balance life (What life? Definitely need to do some balancing there, pal.) with your career and make customers happy in spite of all the challenges at hand.

The feature gets the first issue off to a running start with a hot topic: outsourcing. Why would the TV show Dallas appear in an article on IT outsourcing? Find out and get a reality check on outsourcing.

The first challenge posed to readers comes from a CIO who can’t decide which of two teams to put on a project as each has its strengths and weaknesses. Even C-level executives can get stuck on a problem.

Brilliant vs. stupid
Jeff Knepper, general manager of the Information Services and Technology Group Risk Management Organization at Intel, believes that, philosophically speaking, outsourcing hasn’t changed in the least. “Outsourcing remains either brilliant or stupid, depending entirely upon who you work with and how much time and energy you put into it.”

Many industry analysts believe that outsourcing enjoyed a huge wave of popularity after a few companies experienced some highly-publicized successes. However, these events often occur in cycles. When the next new and hot “money-saving” process comes along, everyone wants to jump in. Realistically, though, outsourcing success comes when companies take the time and energy to do the research and determine whether or not it’s the way to go.