Zotob, Here We Go Again

Microsoft has a new set of vulnerabilities, which could compromise your computer by way of allowing remote code execution. The bulletin was posted Tuesday, October 11th. It recommends immediate patching, as these vulnerabilities will put you at high risk for potentially major damages.

The most important vulnerability is the MSDTC – Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator – which is responsible for many Web applications. Besides being vulnerable to remote code execution, the potential is there to harm the e-commerce of many businesses. COM+ is another among those discovered to be vulnerable to remote code execution. And last on the list is TIP, which can lead to a DoS (Denial of Service) attack.

Remote code execution bulletins have a tendency to lead to worm creation once announced, like last August with the appearance of Zotob and its many pesky variants. A less recent, but far worse example would be Sasser with a much faster turnaround rate.

[Eric Broszeit]