Configure Outlook Express To Go Directly To Your Inbox

Depending on how you have Outlook Express configured, it may not open directly to your Inbox. On one side you will see your folder list and contacts. The details pane will display three functions: E-mail, Newsgroups, and Contacts. The E-mail section will indicate the number of unread messages you have and clicking on this link will take you directly to your Inbox.

You can configure Outlook Express to open directly to your Inbox instead. When you open Outlook Express, click the ‘When Outlook Express starts, go directly to my Inbox’ option at the bottom of the details pane. Alternatively, you can also open the Options dialog box. Click Options from the Tools menu, and from the General tab click the When starting, go directly to my Inbox folder option. Now when Outlook Express is opened, it will open directly to your Inbox folder.