The Clicker: Apple’s real plan for iPod video?

Oh now this is just too wild! Yup, according to the post from Engadget, Apple has a plan for the newest incarnation of the iPod. Chances are you will not guess it in a million years. Well, unless you keep reading of course…

You’ve got to love Apple. Crazy like a fox they are. Oh sure – some of their decisions regarding the new iPod might seem a little odd to the gadget-lovers among us. “No DivX???” is the phrase most often muttered when Engageteers start reading of the new iPod’s video functions. This is often followed by “No fast forward and rewind?!?” These really should be death knells for a portable media player and, as a rule of thumb, gaping voids in product functionality aren’t considered wise strategic maneuvers. However, this is Apple we’re talking about. They just think different, uh, ly.

So, is Apple worried? Heck no, and why should they be? The iPod’s success has been off-the-charts phenomenal. As such, Apple has rightfully made the decision to, like physicians, “First do no harm.” Make no bones about it – there’s a reason this thing isn’t called the Video iPod. Above all, the new iPod is, well, an iPod. [Read the rest]