wURLdBook – Free Web Based Information Aggregator

wURLdBook’s mission is to help people stay connected to information on the Web. wURLdBook is a free web based information aggregator. wURLdBook offers you a new way to unobtrusively navigate, collect, categorize, annotate, clip, archive, find, publish RSS (including enclosures) and share information with others that is important to you on the web. Using wURLdBook’s integrated RSS news aggregation technology you can keep up-to-date on your favorite blog, news feed or RSS search. You can also republish RSS content you find to redistribute to friends and colleagues. With wURLdBook you can capture, along with the web site location (URL), meta-information or “micro content” related to your favorite sites or archive whole news stories for later reference to search against. You can add attachments to your web references which is an auxillary URL pointing to a file such as music files, pdf (e.g. manuals, documents), text or movies to have quick reference to them or publish them as RSS enclosures to share with others. To get you started, you can even import your existing bookmarks to kick-start your web reference collection. This hyas been added to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer Information Blog.