Iomega StorCenter Network Hard Drive Multimedia Hub

Now this might be the part where we all start saying ‘wowza’! Yes, this latest hard drive from Iomega seems to be something that we can all get excited about.

Iomega Corporation has now claimed to have developed the fastest hardware solution for storage and sharing of digital content on a home or small business network. The company is projecting its new offering, the Iomega StorCenter Network Hard Drive, as a complete solution with features like a built-in Universal Plug and Play, A/V network media server and FolderShare software. An additional calling card of the new drive is its capacity. While its initial models that will become available by the end of this month, will be offering a capacity of 250 gigabytes, by early next year the company will be offering upgraded versions to the consumers in the capacity range of one terabyte.

The company is exuding confidence about the success of its new offering on the grounds that it will provide a level of convenience to the end-users which they have never experienced before. Lee Williams, Vice-President, Iomega Corporation commented, “The Iomega StorCenter Network Hard Drive makes storing, experiencing and sharing most forms of digital content simpler and easier than ever, creating a true media hub for today’s digital home and small business, and without always requiring the use of a PC.” [Read the rest]

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