Eldwood Games Releases Feyna’s Quest

October 19th, 2005Eldwood Games is proud to announce their next epic RPG Feyna’s Quest is now available from their website for both Windows and Mac. Cast into darkness ages ago, the Drow have developed into a civilized society. The humans who dwell on their surface, however, have come to believe that the evil threat that lives beneath them must be exterminated. You must guide Feyna on her quest to escape the human assault on her home and then into the great world which was only read about in books. The fate of your kind rests in your hands.

Dive into an immersive 2D side-scrolling RPG. Epic in length, the 7 chapter story will keep you entranced as you battle 40 different monsters and 10 bosses. Learn new spells and the many secrets that have been hidden for ages unknown. Enjoy the epic soundtrack consisting of over 20 composed pieces of original music. In the end, it takes but one grain of sand to tip the scales of power.

Enjoy Feyna’s Quest, available from www.eldwood.com. A free demo is provided that covers the first (and part of the second) chapters in this 7 chapter epic. For more information visit the Eldwood website.

About Eldwood Games
Eldwood was founded in 2002 by Rainer Deyke. Rainer has written and self-published computer games since 1998, all of which are now distributed by Eldwood. The company is dedicated to creating high quality games that are fun and original.

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